Everyone’s favorite pocket monsters just turned 20, and the online world is celebrating with some fantastic artwork!

On February 27, the Pokémon franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary! That means that two decades ago, in 1996, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green (Blue in the west )for Game Boy were released in Japan. It may have taken a couple of years before it reached North American shores, but as soon as it landed the phenomenon took off and has never looked back.

In celebration, the hashtag “ポケモン20周年” (Pokémon Nijū-shūnen), or “Pokémon 20th Anniversary”, garnered a huge amount of attention last week and brought to light a number of amazing artists who shared their (or others’) Pokémon-inspired work.

There was lots of stunning digital artwork to be seen:

Such sweet cosplay, we’re willing to overlook the silly Engrish snafu.

There’s just something about those pastel colors and distinct brush strokes of watercolor artwork…

And of course, can’t forget that good old paper and pencil make some wonderful artwork too!

There is much more to see at the hashtag “ポケモン20周年“, and you can also review the timeline of the entire 20 years Pokémon mania at Pokémon 20.

Who do you choose?

Source: Twitter/ #ポケモン20周年
Top image: Twitter/@fishupie