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Creative as they may be, it’s not like illustrators draw everything they do based only on a mental image. Often, a good reference book can be invaluable in providing a kick-start to the imagination or a baseline from which to experiment with different styles.

As such, you can find reference books filled with examples and advice on how to draw just about anything, from animals and buildings to suits, school uniforms, and other specific garments. Soon enough, you’ll even be able to purchase a reference book for a specific undergarment, too: women’s panties.

Among Japanese publisher Ichijinsha’s scheduled March releases is the book Pants no Kakikata. Literally, that translates to How to Draw Underwear, but seeing as how the tome is exclusively focused on women’s undergarments, a more appropriate English rendering would be How to Draw Panties.

The book is being released under Ichijinsha’s Post Media label for the purpose of “increasing the number of wonderful panty illustrations and comics in the world.” The company recommends it for:

● Illustrators who want to more attractively render the underwear of female characters they draw
● Readers who want to broaden their knowledge of underwear
● People who just want to see some panties

Prurient as its subject matter may be, How to Draw Panties looks to be a genuine attempt at providing a legitimate resource for artists. Aside from a wide variety of underwear designs, the book contains tips for drawing lower lingerie from various angles and with different poses by the wearer. There is, of course, also a discussion of how to draw a low-angle upskirt panty peek.

How to Draw Panties goes on sale March 17, with preorders currently being taken by Amazon Japan at the price of 1,836 yen (US$16). If you’re looking to economize on shipping charges, though, you might want to hold off on placing your order until April, when Post Media plans to release a companion book with the even more unabashed working title of Oppai no Kakikata, or How to Draw Boobs.

Source: Akiba Blog via Otakumu via Anime News Network
Images: Amazon Japan