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Illustrations by creative team Clamp grace each of the seven books.

There’s a lot to like about classic anime and manga Cardcaptor Sakura, including its kind-hearted heroine and richly inventive magical lore. For many people, though, the primary draw is the exquisitely detailed artwork from manga collective Clamp.

More than a few budding artists have been inspired to draw something of their own after reading through a chapter of Sakura’s adventures, and instead of grabbing just any old sheet of paper the next time they feel their artistic juices flowing, soon they’ll be able to render their vision in a series of Cardcaptor Sakura sketchbooks.

Holbein, one of Japan’s most popular providers of art supplies for more than 115 years, is celebrating Cardcaptor Sakura by producing seven sketchbooks with beautiful cover illustrations of the titular magical girl. The larger, 25 x 22-centimeter (9.8 by 8.7-inch) Clow Key Book line consists of three designs, one featuring Sakura in her most commonly worn costume and the other two of her in more fanciful attire.

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More compact is the collection of four Clow Key Memo sketchpads, which measure 16 x 11 centimeters. There’s no overlap between their covers and the larger Clow Key Books, and Sakura’s friend Tomoyo even makes an appearance on one.

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The bundle of all three Clow Key Books is priced at 2,203 yen (US20), while the four-piece Clow Key Memo set is slightly less expensive at 1,944 yen. Preorders are being taken for both (Books here, Memo pad set here) between now and March 24, with delivery scheduled for July, since just like the upcoming new Cardcaptor Sakura manga installment, the sketchbooks are part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary festivities.

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