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Never fear drawing a human foot again with this handy trick.

There have been some pretty amazing things released this past year to help artists. From the magnetic “slate” that lets you digitize paper drawings, to super-poseable epic figures, to Bandai’s Magic Illustrator, it’s never been easier to draw whatever you want however you want.

But the best drawing tool may have just recently popped up on Twitter in the form of a tiny bit of advice about drawing feet from @kaburimono_kabu. Here’s what he had to say: (Translation of the picture below.)

▼ “It’s not perfect by any means, but I draw feet like this.”

(1) Draw an 8.
(2) Draw five 6s.
(3) Draw an 11.
(4) Clean up.

I’m… kind of in awe right now. As someone who has attempted a few drawings of people before in his life, hands and feet have always been the most difficult part to get right, and mine usually end up as inhuman blobs. But using numbers–that’s something I can get behind!

In fact, I think I’ll try it out right now.

▼ All right, I can draw an 8. Not so bad so far.

foot numbers 01

▼ Okay, okay, five 6s. I’ve got this, I’ve got this….

foot numbers 02

▼ Hey, I can kind of see it coming together! Be still my heart.

foot numbers 03

▼ Hmm, I did some “cleaning up,” but it’s still not quite right.
Maybe I just need to add a bit more…

foot numbers 04

▼ Wow, I can’t believe it! It actually worked. That is an amazing foot.
Thanks for the tip, @kaburimono_kabu!

foot numbers 05Wikimedia Commons

Hey, if I can do it, then so can you! So get out there and draw those feet, but if you feel like you need a few more references to help with all those 8s and 6s, then foot-selfies may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Source: Twitter/@kaburimono_kabu via Plginrt Project
Feature/top image: Twitter/@kaburimono_kabu
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