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Bravo, Japan! Bravo!

Japan is pretty enamored with traditional Italian cuisine, to the extent that budding restaurateurs will often spend time living and working in Italy before opening a pizzeria in Tokyo. Still, occasionally the Asian country likes to put its own spin on Italian food, such as putting mentaiko (spicy cod roe) on spaghetti, which is one of the more popular pasta dishes in Japan.

Likewise, confectioner C3 (pronounced “C Cube”) is doing something different with an Italian dessert favorite. C3’s name stands for coffee, cheese, and cacao, the three signature ingredients of tiramisu, the company’s specialty.

▼ C3’s standard tiramisu

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This spring, though, C3 is adding an S to the ingredient list with sakura tiramisu. Set to go on sale March 15, the remixed tiramisu’s wafer-like layers are flavored with a sakura syrup made with the leaves of the cherry blossom tree. Scattered across the top of the cake are thin-sliced slivers of strawberry chocolate, evocative of the delicate blossoms themselves, as well as more vividly colored bits of chocolate cut into the distinctive sakura shape. A dusting of pink sugar provides even more springtime appeal, and C3 boasts that the cake’s mascarpone cheese comes from Hokkaido, the northern island that’s Japan’s dairy capital.

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The full-sized Sakura Tiramisu L, is priced at 1,620 yen (US$14). There’s also a smaller version in the form of the 100-gram (3.5-ounce) Sakura Tiramisu Cup for 486 yen.

C3 hasn’t yet announced whether or not it’ll be selling the Sakura Tiramisu through its online shop, but we do know that it’ll be available at the numerous C3 physical locations throughout Japan, including those in Tokyo’s Akihabara Atre, Shingawa ecute, and Shinjuku Lumine shopping centers. The special cakes will be around for about as long as the sakura themselves, with your last chance to buy one being April 19.

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