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Is that Eva Unit-01 in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

The Evangelion marketing train (which, sometimes, is literally a train), has made multiple stops in the lingerie industry, with no fewer than eight bra and panty sets based on the characters from the influential anime franchise. But up next are two underwear options for members of the Y chromosome club, in the form of two designs of Evangelion boxer briefs.

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The stylized illustrations of Shinji’s Unit-01 and Asuka’s Unit-02 were drawn by London-based abstract artist Akiko Ban. Both versions also sport the Nerv logo on the left thigh.

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A collaborative effort between men’s underwear manufacturer Betones and Radio Eva, the anime’s apparel merchandising arm, the boxer briefs are made from a 50-percent polyester, 40-percent nylon, and 10-percent polyurethane blend that the online Evangelion Store boasts is soft and sweat-absorbent. Both are priced at 3,024 yen (US$25) and can be ordered through the Evangelion Store (Unit-01 here, Unit-02 here) with delivery scheduled for early December.

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▼ The compact packaging means they’d make great stocking stuffers.

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Oddly enough, it’s the back, not the front, that’s festooned with the giant robot imagery.

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Particularly in the case of the purple Unit-01 pair, this shifts the part of your body that’s being referred to as a barely tamed biomechanical war-beast from your dong to your butthole. But hey, Evangelion has always had difficult time grappling with its complex sexuality.

Source: Minna no Eva Fan via Anime News Network
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