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Dialogue, including “Master, would it be all right if I put you into my mouth?”, is just as sultry as the visuals.

In general, ads are more effective when you show someone using whatever it is you’re trying to sell. That presents kind of a problem, though, if your product tends to make people sweat profusely, as is the case with super spicy ramen.

However, Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage, maker of the new line of Kara-O (“Spice King”) instant noodles, has found a solution to this predicament. See, while watching other people sweat is generally a turn-off, a lot of guys will make an exception if the people doing the sweating are beautiful women.

And thus was born the Kara Moe (“Spicy Moe”) video series, with gurabia swimsuit model Anna Konno the first to make an appearance.

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However, after mentioning that she loves spicy food, Konno reveals that she doesn’t ordinarily sweat that much. So to prime the perspiration pump, the video’s producers have her do some light exercise before changing out of her dress and into a gray T-shirt and pair of denim short shorts.

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With her cup of Kara-O in hand, Konno starts eating, and as the level of the bright red broth in the container lowers, she begins to sweat more and more profusely.

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Still, Konno declares the ramen delicious, even as she grimaces at the heat it brings.

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Next up in the hot seat: anime voice actress and vocalist Yu Serizawa, who also says she’s a fan of spicy food.

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In contrast to Konno, Serizawa stays conservatively dressed throughout her entire video. This time around, it’s the audio that’s suggestive, as the producers ask her to eat the ramen while imagining it’s her big brother, playing into contemporary anime’s fascination with incestuous relationships.

▼ “Oni-chan, here I go!”

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Among her other adlibs:

“Big Brother, you’re pretty spicy, aren’t you?”
“Big Brother, you’re making my mouth sting.”
“We finally get some time alone together, and all you do is tease me.”

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The producers then throw her a curve, asking her to switch to pretending the ramen is her upperclassman at the video’s 1:45 mark, and then a man who employs her as a maid at 2:25. Serizawa, professional that she is, doesn’t miss a beat and turns in dialogue including:

“Sempai, you’re always teasing me. Do you hate me?”
“Not like I care if you do or anything…”
“I told you, you’re spicy! You always get me so worked up.”
“I…I only do things like this for you, Sempai.”

“Master, would it be all right if I put you into my mouth?”
“Master, you’re really stimulating, aren’t you?”
“Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself anymore.”

Serizawa closes out her performance with 15 seconds of ecstatic slurping, moaning, and gasping, before breathlessly declaring “I am so very happy.”

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Which brings us to the last two Kara-O spokesmodels to appear in the series so far, idols Yu Kikkawa and Minami Sengoku.

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Sengoku, who’s sitting on the shot’s right as the video opens, is the only person in the video series who doesn’t care for spicy food. She’s in luck, though, because co-star Kikkawa loves it, and it turns out only one of them is going to eat the Kara-O.

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After being given an oversized sweater, the pair are asked to do ninin baori, a traditional Japanese party trick in which one person feeds the other while pressed against the eater’s back. So the two idols slip into the sweater, bodies rubbing against each other as Sengoku spoons the fiery ramen into Kikkawa’s mouth.

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Kikkawa is soon sweating through the shirt she has on under the sweater, and her body heat starts making Sengoku perspire too.

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“It’s like we’re sweating together,” comments Sengoku, to which Kikkawa adds, “Yeah, there’s something…nice about it. Come closer.”

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We’re not really sure Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage can up the suggestiveness much more than this, but since the Kara Moe video series still has two installments left to be released (featuring cosplayer Nekomu Otogi and actress Reina Takeda), we’re sure it’s going to try.

Source: Kai-You
Top image: YouTube/辛萌え動画チャンネル【辛王/ポッカサッポロ】
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