spicy food

Dom Dom turns up the heat with spicy Mexican and Thai chicken burgers

Fast food chain uses the magic word of potential spiciness.

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McDonald’s Japan releases Spicy Chicken McNuggets so spicy they’ll knock you out? 【Taste Test】

We put this McDonald’s claim to the test using the power of spicy sauces.

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Kumamoto Police sergeant reprimanded for making officers eat spicy instant noodles

Sergeant claims he was trying to “guide” his officers through hot noodles.

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Sweating, snuggling models and voice actresses steam up series of spicy ramen ads 【Videos】

Dialogue, including “Master, would it be all right if I put you into my mouth?”, is just as sultry as the visuals.

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Liquid wasabi from Shizuoka is our new favorite form of awesome sauce

Shizuoka is generally known for two things, and they’re both green. The prefecture is one of Japan’s biggest producers of not only tea, but also the fiery condiment paste wasabi.

While bottles of tea aren’t anything unusual, we’d never seen wasabi in liquid for until a recent visit to Shizuoka. Since spicy is one of our favorite flavors (we’d put it right up there with sweet and salty), we grabbed a bottle of wasabi sauce to try for ourselves. We were not disappointed.

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