The cold never bothered her anyway! Check out Elsa showing the proper way to enjoy winter in Japan!

As Queen Elsa of Arendelle famously sang in Disney’s Frozen that “the cold never bothered me anyway”, you’d expect that even Japan’s frigid winter would be the perfect environment for her. Instead, she’s been spotted snuggling under the kotatsu (a Japanese heated low table with a blanket on top to trap the warmth) and enjoying a very toasty winter break in these snaps from Twitter user @AXLLOWS.

▼ This shot shows an Elsa toy posed to perfection amidst a scene of miniatures including tiny utensils, a mini laptop and even a TV with a real show on the screen, or so it would seem.

Many people in Japan at this time of year suffer from an affliction called kotatsu-induced-paralysis, or KIP for short, which occurs when one enters the heavenly warmth of a Japanese kotatsu and suddenly finds themselves incapable of movement for hours upon hours at a time. As you can see, Elsa is comfortably situated with everything she needs within arms’ reach to get her through her KIP, including her laptop, a bottle of hot sake, and a steaming dish of Japanese hotpot.

Elsa’s also changed out of her Frozen dress into sweats, the perfect comfy attire for a week of lazing around at home and enjoying Japan’s winter vacation. Called “room wear” in Japan, it’s common to buy a separate set of snuggly sweats to wear while lazing around the house for maximum comfort and to avoid wrinkling your good “outdoor” clothes.

Plenty of futon-lounging on the tatami floor is also part of what makes winter in Japan so snuggly, and Elsa and Olaf can be seen enjoying manga and surfing online beside empty cardboard boxes (possibly containing gifts sent from the countryside).

She’s also snapped playing her oversized PS3. However, we suspect that Elsa is only a casual gamer otherwise surely she’d have upgraded to a PS4 and learned that positioning your body in weird ways while gaming doesn’t actually help you win. She’s also wearing sneakers on tatami and what’s worse, she’s got her feet on the futon. Just because you’re a snow queen doesn’t give you a right to behave so terribly, Elsa! But, I suppose we can “Let It Go” just this once.

Still, Elsa looks happier in these cosy Japanese winter scenes than she did in the heat of a Japanese summer. How do you like to stay snuggly in the colder months?

Source, images: Twitter @AXLLOWS