Well, as we’ve seen time and time again, it seems the Chinese Interwebs simply cannot handle (or, in the parlance of teens today, “Cannot even”) the idea of an attractive woman who’s doing something other than sitting around being attractive all day.

Our newest recipient of the dubious “Beautiful woman doing things” distinction – which the Chinese Internet media seems to be giving away like an unplanned litter of kittens these days – is this Asian doctoral student, which the Japanese media and creepy Internet commentators haven’t even bothered to name – presumably because they were too busy breathing heavily for an uncomfortably long time and mopping sweat from their brows.

Try as I might to Google terms like “Hot Cambridge doctoral student” and other phrases I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to find in my search history, it appears any actual humanizing information about this woman is secondary to her being very attractive in the eyes of the Internet, which should make us all feel a deep, existential sadness about the direction our species is traveling in.

After we ogle her pictures, of course:






Thankfully, at least some information is available about this girl in Chinese, so I put my best Google Translate sleuthing skills to work and learned that her name is Yeung Ka Lai – or something close – and she’s getting a doctorate in biochemistry. In addition, I’ve learned that she is, “a highly educated beauty fire,” and that, “heat transfer network recently a series of beauty school tyrants photograph of the great qualities of beauty.” Thanks, Google!

Source: Record China,