Leave your skin feeling fresh and clean with a demonic moist towelette.

Men’s grooming product maker Gatsby is famous for creating some of the craziest commercials in Japan, at one point even designing seven superheroes based on the smelly armpits of men.

Now, Gatsby’s marketing department has taken a different — yet just as wacky — approach by using manga. And as expected of a company where the word “normal” will never be used to describe their advertisements, their latest work is far from ordinary.

Collaborating with the art team of supernatural anime Gegege no Kitaro, the premise of the story revolves around the Japanese yokai “Ittan Momen,” a flying spirit that resembles a bolt of cloth.

▼ The monster suddenly finds itself waking up
as a sheet of Gatsby Body Paper.


Initially disgruntled at being transformed into a wet wipe, the spirit flashes across a youth’s body and instantly removes sweat and odor, producing a strangled “It feels so good!” from the boy’s lips.

▼ Ittan Momen later meets a fearsome and very sweaty judo practitioner
in the second installment of the quirky series.


The encounter above features a perspiring foe threatening to force an innocent dog to smell his odor, but Ittan Momen uses its amazing length and cunning to defeat him and save the canine from stinky hell.

▼ Our sentient wipe then bids a tearful farewell to those it had saved.


The finale sees the spirit’s soul rapidly seeping away, with the previous youth and judo practitioner swearing that they will never forget Ittan Momen’s sweat and odor-vanquishing deeds. Eventually fading from the Gatsby body wipe and expecting to return to its usual cloth form, the spirit then finds itself reincarnated into a face-cleansing sheet.

Ittan Momen’s action-packed adventures became the talk of the town among Japanese netizens:

“It’s clearly an advertisement, but I want the series to continue!”
“I bought a pack of wipes thanks to this manga.”
“This is beyond hilarious.”
“Now this is refreshing.”
“Ads are usually annoying, but this is just too interesting.”

Seeing as how awesome this Gatsby comic is, we would not be surprised if Ittan Momen’s escapades continue into his next reincarnation as a sentient facial wipe dispensing justice on oily faces. Though if they do plan to go that route, then they might as well make one of Ittan Momen being a fundoshi loincloth, too.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@gatsbyjp
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