It’s the latest in both watches and lunches…

The stereotypical businessperson in Japan is known for one thing: working hard. Or perhaps that should be overworking. People who are trying to meet deadlines will often work through their lunch break, eating whatever is available to them that’s quick and filling, which usually means it’s not very nutritious.

Well, a Japanese agriculture company is teaming up with some brilliant professionals in various fields to bring to market an amazing new product that’s going to both provide you with a nutritious lunch and make sure you’re on time for your meeting!

Despite all the production value, the Bento Watch is, sadly, not a real product—this is simply a clever marketing video for Takii Seeds, a Kyoto-based company that specializes in vegetables, flowers and sod.

The Bento Watch is “created” in a montage featuring a watchmaker, a cosmetic surgeon, a chef and more. All of them team up together to place a beautiful looking bento lunch into the tiny space available inside a watch.

bento watch 6

▼ The Watch Maestro

bento watch 1

▼ The Cosmetic Surgeon

bento watch 2

▼ The Chinese Cuisine Chef

bento watch 3

▼ The Diorama Specialist

bento watch 4

And when it’s time for eating, some convenient chopsticks pop out for all your utensil needs!

bento watch 9

Let’s be honest though: even if you could fit a bento meal inside the face of a watch, the food is not going to magically expand and make you feel full. Plus, are you going to keep these specialized chefs on your payroll in order to fill up your watch every day?

bento watch 5

Logistics aside, this is a clever bit of marketing that is definitely going to get people talking. Takii Seeds, their improbable watch will fuel your daydreams, just like their delicious food fuels your life.

Source & Screenshots: YouTube/タキイ種苗株式会社 公式チャンネル

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