How do you think this group will react to the taste of one of Japan’s favorite sushi delicacies?

Recently BuzzFeed posted a video titled “Americans Try Uni (Sea Urchin) for the First Time.” Food reaction videos are always priceless to watch, and in particular the taste of sea urchin, known as uni in Japanese, tends to polarize the crowd one way or the other.

Watch the one-minute thirty-second video below, then scroll down for a few of the best reactions.






While two of the ladies thought the taste wasn’t nearly as bad as they were expecting, some of the others weren’t so impressed, with one of the men declaring that “It tastes like a combination between the ocean and shoe leather.”

Below is a sampling of both the YouTube video comments and some Japanese net user comments:

“What kind of sea urchin did they eat? Santa Barbara uni is usually really creamy, and Hokkaido’s is more flavorful, but no matter the uni you eat, it shouldn’t taste like shoe leather.”

“I am from Greece and every now and then I go and catch some. I cut them up and eat them fresh. They are better like that.”

“Eat it in one bite, please!”

“It’s surprisingly good if you eat it with just wasabi and no soy sauce.”

“We call sea urchin ‘sea cat’ in Barbados.”

What Japanese food should Americans (or other nationalities) sample next? We personally vote for those yakisoba noodles with chocolate sauce!

Sources: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo via Nyuyaku
Images: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo