Funny reaction video shows Americans trying sea urchin for the first time

How do you think this group will react to the taste of one of Japan’s favorite sushi delicacies?

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Japanese people react to reading that “pizza is a vegetable in America”

If you live in the States, you may remember a few years ago when Congress blocked a proposal that aimed to make school lunches for children healthier. One of the provisions which stirred up considerable debate involved increasing the amount of tomato paste necessary to be considered a full serving of fruits and vegetables, but the proposal was eventually nixed, effectively maintaining that the tomato sauce used on pizza could count as a serving of vegetables.

After a Japanese news site broke the story fashionably late last month, Japanese people were incredulous to hear that from a legal standpoint, “pizza is a vegetable” in the U.S. Read on to learn more about the ongoing debate and some reactions of readers.

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American teens share their reactions to Attack on Titan

TheFineBros, whose Youtube videos have included viral hits like “Kids React to Gay Marriage”,“Kids React to Harlem Shake” and fun videos like “Elders React to #Selfie”, recently introduced a group of American teenagers to the popular series, Attack on Titan. Some of the viewers were already familiar with the show, while others were definitely intrigued.

Check out their reactions below:

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Check out these six hilarious Attack on Titan reaction videos

In an age of smartphones where everyone has a digital camera in their back pocket, the distinctly 21st-century form of entertainment that is the reaction video has become an art unto itself. On YouTube, you can watch a little girl going crazy with excitement as her family tells her they are going to Disneyland; teens reacting to viral videos; even people who are pretending to be other people reacting to things. Gogglebox, a UK television series which consists of footage of people watching TV in their own living rooms, is about to go global, with Chinese and American versions in the pipeline. We are watching people watching, and in our millions.

There is another type of reaction video, too: fans of anime who post videos of themselves watching the latest episode in real time. Reaction videos of English-speaking fans watching Attack on Titan have been making waves on the internet. These YouTubers are almost as animated as the videos they watch, so join us as we enjoy six of the best!

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“Thank you Jesus!” Foreigners’ awesome reactions to Japanese foods 【Videos】

I still remember my first time coming to Japan, when my host family sat me down for dinner with nothing but chopsticks to tackle an entire grilled fish complete with head, tail, and everything in between. They watched me expectantly as I stared down at my plate, unsure of where to start. Was I supposed to eat the head? Should I scrape the scales off first? Was it customary to bite into the middle, bones and all?! I hoped that one of them would start eating first, to give me some sort of clue as to what I should do, but they kindly urged me to dig on in, laughing heartily when my only response was a meek little, “How?”

It was an embarrassing experience and felt a little demeaning at the time, but the fact remains that Japanese cuisine features a lot of mainstream dishes that we simply don’t find in the Western world. While some cultural favorites like sushi, have more-or-less made their way onto the world market, common dishes such as zaru soba and shabu shabu are rarely found outside of Japan.

Keep reading for a look at some of the interesting reactions foreigners have to Japanese food, as well as some helpful how-to’s on how to proceed, should you find yourself faced with one of these unfamiliar Japanese dishes.

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