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Five models, but only one pair of hosiery.

In contrast to 7-Eleven’s narrower focus as primarily a Slurpee and potato chip emporium in the U.S., Japanese branches of the convenience store chain stock a wide variety of items to meet the shopping needs of the local community. So while, yes, while their shelves are lined with snack foods and their refrigerated sections filled with beer, Japan’s 7-Elevens also have a selection of sundry goods including certain clothing essentials such as underwear and hosiery.

The quality expectations of Japanese shoppers mean the items aren’t necessarily the sort of thing one would only wear under extreme duress, either. For example, 7-Eleven boasts that its pantyhose are durable, comfortable, and so sheer that they’re almost invisible to the eye. To prove that last claim, the company has created a video featuring five women, just one of whom is actually wearing stockings.

Can you guess who it is?

The video gives viewers only about 15 seconds before time’s up, but if you’d prefer to take your time, feel free to use these stills as references.

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Give up? It’s the woman in the middle, dressed in business attire, who’s also sporting a pair of 7-Eleven stockings.

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We have to admit, we were thoroughly stumped, although given Japan’s preferences we immediately understood why 7-Eleven chose to dress its spokesmodels as a schoolgirl, OL (“office lady”), nurse, and cabin attendant.

If you’re impressed by this clear display of the stockings transparency, they can be purchased at any 7-Eleven in Japan with prices ranging from 391 to 609 yen (US$3.50-$6.15).

Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube/セブン-イレブン・ジャパン