5 of the best ice creams to try in Japan right now【Taste Test】

Whether you like traditional Japanese flavours or Western-inspired combinations, these frozen desserts will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

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7-Eleven Japan’s frozen hot biscuits are so good, they might make pancakes obsolete!

We try the new frozen hot biscuits from 7-Eleven and end up seriously impressed.

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7-Eleven refuses to cooperate with municipal request to cover up its porno magazines in Japan

Chain asserts its right to exhibit magazines filled with models who don’t cover up either.

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54-year-old Japanese woman stops armed robbery at her convenience store with her brute strength

When her much-younger, knife-wielding assailant asked her for the money, she decided that the time for talk was done, and the time for action was now.

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7-Eleven that survived Fukuoka road collapse becomes mecca for Japanese students

This “unsinkable convenience store” has become a source of inspiration for exam-takers all over and business couldn’t be better as a result.

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One taste of toasted egg mushipan bread and you’ll never go back to eating it the normal way!

We take Japan’s simple pleasure of a steamed cake and push it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

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Tokyo 7-Eleven employee dresses up as oden with hilarious results

One 7-Eleven in Tokyo is advertising their seasonal products in a clever and hilarious way!

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Self-freezing bottled Coca-Cola now available at convenience store vending machines in Japan

Stored at temperatures below freezing, the drink magically turns to ice inside the bottle after opening.

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How to make your own postcards using photos from your phone at 7-Eleven

Create your own personalised postcards for as little as 18 cents each at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan.

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Japan’s newest elegant and delicious green tea cheesecake is only available at…7-Eleven?

Japanese convenience stores continue to be awesome with this new matcha dessert.

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Japanese pantyhose commercial quiz asks viewers to pick out the sole woman in stockings 【Video】

Five models, but only one pair of hosiery.

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In Japan, skip the makeup counter and head to the convenience store for these 5 great cosmetics

Here are five of the best, high quality cosmetics that line the shelves at Japanese convenience stores, according to one of our Japanese reporters.

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7-Eleven Japan’s chocolate hearts turn into pooping butts with just a quick trip to the microwave

It’s amazing how one gooey brown liquid can be so mouth-watering, and another not at all.

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Awaken your need for random Star Wars stuff from 7-Eleven and Ichiban-Kuji

Forget Christmas, tis the season for all things Star Wars! In Japan, convenience store chain 7-Eleven is leading you on a quest for new Star Wars merchandise.

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This gorgeous, mouth-watering traditional Japanese breakfast…is all from 7-Eleven?!?

Does that beautiful breakfast look like it came from the kitchen of a high-class ryokan inn or loving Japanese family? Guess again – it’s all from 7-Eleven!

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Evangelion SIM-free smartphones and life-sized figures on sale at 7-Eleven

Convenience stores around the world are known for stocking everyday items like toiletries, magazines, snacks and soft drinks.

But in Japan, the konbini is also a place to send and receive deliveries, buy movie and theatre tickets, and pick up a life-sized Eva doll and Evangelion SIM-free smartphone.

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New Japanese-style Häagen-Dazs brings us chestnut and azuki red bean ice cream this fall

Zeitaku is one of those lovely Japanese words that sounds as elegant as its meaning. As the word for luxury, it conjures up images of high-class ryokan accommodations with private outdoor rotenburo baths, multi-course kaiseki meals served by elegant ladies dressed in kimonos and extravagant purchases at department stores on the Ginza shopping strip.

While most of those luxuries are, sadly, out of reach for many of us, there’s one affordable item that comes to mind when Japanese people are looking for a bit of zeitaku when a friend decides to visit or as a treat after a long day. That small symbol of luxury is the rich, creamy ice cream of Häagen-Dazs, and now they’re releasing an amazing new chestnut and azuki red bean Japonais flavour to add a bit of class to the upcoming fall season.

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7-Eleven sells grapes with skins you can actually eat! We kid you not

Back where I come from, it wasn’t uncommon to pick a grape off its stem and pop it right into your mouth without a second’s thought. The very idea of peeling a grape was something along the lines of a diva demanding a bottled-milk bath while dining on a bowl of only red-colored Skittles.

However, in Japan, where many varieties of grape have thick or rubbery skins, peeling them is pretty much standard. In fact, whenever I eat a grape with its skin intact, I’m stared at as if I had just plucked a live spider off the wall and ate it.

That’s probably why 7-Eleven can get away with marketing their frozen bags of grapes as having “edible skins” here.

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7-Eleven issues statement over the discontinued Olympic emblem, and their oden

With the Tokyo Olympic Committee (TOC) officially cutting ties with Kenjiro Sano’s much maligned emblem, one obvious question is on everyone’s lips: What does this mean for that oden poster made by the 7-Eleven in Musashikoganei, Tokyo?

Some of you may recall that this particular franchise had made a poster promoting their oden sale which bore a striking resemblance to the former Olympic emblem. After a request was made to the TOC, they had denied the poster’s commercial use and likeness to their intellectual property. However, now that the emblem will no longer be used, is the poster back in play?

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7-Eleven oden ad refused by Tokyo Olympic Committee due to similarity to their logo

The dispute over the emblem for the 2020 Olympic games and its alleged plagiarism continues to simmer in Japan people are still suggesting alternatives to what are currently the most beleaguered geometric shapes in the world.

And then there are those who are embracing the still official emblem for what it is. Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is one such proponent. One franchise in Musashikoganei created a homage out of the delicious Japanese stewed food known as oden for a promotional posted to be hung in their store.

However, the Tokyo Olympic Committee politely refused use of the poster saying that the placement of foodstuffs infringed on the likeness of their emblem which is currently being accused of infringing on another logo.

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