We go to school expecting to learn valuable life lessons, but sometimes the lessons learned are a little too real.

Parents who send their children off to school each day are expecting them to learn and grow in a safe environment. While some might argue that schools these days tend to coddle today’s youth and fails to teach them the skills they need to get by in the real world, we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks that “how to fend off naked assailants” is one of those life skills that kids should be picking up.

But that is just what happened to one unsuspecting female student at a school in Lingshan County, Qinzhou City, China. Reports of the incident surfaced on March 28, along with a photo of the scene, likely taken by a student on campus, of what appears to be a male teacher attacking a female student on campus, wearing nothing but the skin he was born in.

In the photo of the attack, we can see the man pinning the student up against the wall and grabbing her from behind, while a number of other students stand around dumbfounded, watching the unusual scene unfold.


The attacker was soon after apprehended by another teacher, and while the student may not have sustained any physical injuries, we can’t say anything for the potential mental scarring left behind.

It was later revealed that the nude attacker in question, now 30-years-old, had been diagnosed with a mental illness back in 2011. Since that time he had shown no outward symptoms of the illness, and as such had been placed in charge of the school laboratory. However, this incident has been marked as a clear outbreak of his mental illness, and the school is now focusing on what measures to take next.

The case is currently undergoing investigation to further identify the cause of the outburst, and we can only hope that both student and teacher receive the proper help that they need.

Source: 広州日報 via Narinari
Image: 広州日報 (Top image edited by RocketNews24)