A real-world ending follows their Magic Kingdom kiss.

In the middle of the winter of 2017, a junior high school boy in Chiba Prefecture found his young heart warmed by love…or maybe lust, or some pubescent mixture of the two. In any case, his love life was heating up. He’d found someone he liked, and she liked him too.

Between December 15, 2017 and January 26, 2018, the boy, a student at a public school in the northwest part of the prefecture, got to first base at least seven times, as he and the object of his affection embraced and kissed. Sometimes these rendezvous happened on campus, such as in the computer lab after school, and the relationship eventually got serious enough that the couple met up on their days off from school to go to such popular Tokyo-area date spots as Tokyo Disneyland and seaside Kasai Rinkai Park, which offers beautiful sweeping views of Tokyo Bay from its Ferris Wheel.

▼ Kasai Rinkai Park

Oh, and there’s one more spot where the pair shared a kiss: the teachers’ lesson preparation room at their school. If you’re wondering how the couple gained access to a place that’s normally off-limits to students, it wasn’t that hard, since the woman the boy had been dating was actually his homeroom teacher, a now-44-year-old woman.

Despite their frequent liaisons, the relationship was kept under wraps for almost an entire year, until the boy told his parents “I kissed my teacher” in November of 2018. It’s unclear how exactly he dropped that bombshell in family conversation, but his parents quickly reported the revelation to the local municipal board of education, which then handed the case over to Chiba’s prefectural education board on January 28 of this year, with a recommendation that the teacher be removed from her position at the school.

The prefectural board quickly agreed, and the teacher’s employment has been terminated. At her hearing, the teacher told the administrators “We liked each other. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but I couldn’t suppress my feelings.”

In addition, the school’s 61-year-old principal has had his salary docked by 10 percent for one month, as a disciplinary action due to insufficient oversight of his subordinate staff, and hopefully will be keeping a closer eye on what sort of after-school activities are going on in the computer lab.

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital via Hachima Kiko
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