New video shows that North Korea is possibly in possession of the Action Movie FX app, arguably the most devastating weapon simulation app known to man.

The video released last Monday by DPRK Today on YouTube shows several South Korean landmarks under fire from North Korean missiles. This would suggest that North Korea seems to have confused the concepts of warfare and terrorism a little by attacking psychologically important targets rather than ones that would actually fire back.

But okay, this is clearly a propaganda video, so showing a picture of the South Korean president’s home would probably resonate more with the masses than a strategically important but anonymous looking military base.

It’s a moot point anyway, because a more chilling revelation of these videos is that North Korea has considerably upgraded their video effect technology to Action Movie FX or something similar. This means that they can take images of virtually anywhere in the world and then make them appear to blow up…blow up real good.

We contacted an Action Movie FX expert, my teenage nephew, who said that “combined with North Korean Photoshop prowess which has been well documented in the past, they can alter the images to look like they are breaking apart and crumbling as well.”

“It’s a pretty sweet app,” he added and proceeded to demonstrate with his phone on an image of the Statue of Liberty on my computer screen. “Take that, Mannequin of Leeway! Wooosh Pakaw!!!” he shouted in his best Kim Jong-un impression.

Image: RocketNews24

“Pretty sweet” indeed, as later in the actual North Korean video buildings appear to explode without even being touched by missiles. We can only assume that they blew up out of utter fear and panic.

And so we hope that the current sanctions are also preventing North Korea from making the in-app purchases necessary to acquire further weapon-of-mass-destruction effects such as fighter jets, nuclear bombs, sea monsters, Darth Vader, and the dreaded ice-man.

UPDATE: Upon publication of this article, North Korea issued a video warning me against publishing any future criticisms of their videos or else my “coffee mug would be reduced to ashes.”

Image: RocketNews24

Source: YouTube/ DPRK Today, Newsweek via Kotaku
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Coffee Cup Image: RocketNews24

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