In North Korea‘s latest desperate attempt for attention from the rest of the civilized world, the dictatorship – perhaps tired of tossing missiles around for now – bragged through state media that its scientists have discovered a way to extract enzymes from a certain mushroom grown in the region to create a miracle super drink that makes athletes better, faster and stronger.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) carefully withheld any information about how the drink is made, what molecular shenanigans it pulls off to achieve the purported performance-enhancing effects, or how it tastes, possibly hoping to bait foreign leaders into begging Kim Jong-un directly for the secret recipe, or possibly because the agency was too embarrassed to admit the drink comes from mushrooms that look a bit like dongs (if these rather old-looking pictures are to be believed).


Mushrooms are apparently a big deal in North Korea, with the KCNA and North Korea’s Rodong Shinmun newspaper frequently talking up the country’s successes in industrializing mushroom cultivation. Whether or not those claims of success are exaggerated, the focus on mushrooms is most likely an attempt to convince the international community that Jong-un’s regime can feed its own people.

Hmm… A veritable kingdom of mushrooms that grant super powers when consumed. Where have we seen that idea before?


Source: Karapaia
Photos: Rodong Shinmun (feature image edited by RocketNews24)
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