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This clever little video makes it seem like they’ve hacked your iPhone.

The long-running argument over how people should shoot video and take pictures on their smartphones is still raging, but a hip-hop idol group from Japan has fired a pretty good shot for those who advocate for a portrait orientation.

▼ Incoming music video from Mei

run run 1

With video shot from a cellphone held upright, this clever music video incorporates all the visuals and apps that probably inhabit your phones already. And for those who own an iPhone, thanks to their clever editing, it’s like your phone is coming alive thanks to lyrical school (the name of the group) and their song “RUN and RUN”.

▼ Ami wants you to know she has a cool new video for you to watch.

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▼ Here’s that familiar iPhone home screen

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▼ lyrical school’s twitter feed is full of “RUN and RUN”

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▼ The girls are reaching out to you through the screen. Good thing it’s not in 3-D too!

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▼ This video is already inspiring comments upon comments.

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This appears to be the first music video filmed in the vertical style and it’s getting plenty of attention and praise for its creativity. Fans will be able to purchase the song’s single on April 27 with a limited first-edition disc with six tracks on sale for 1,500 yen (US$13.85) or the normal single with four tracks for 1,000 yen from King Records. Until then, you can enjoy this fun little song with their inventive music video coming alive on your phones right now.

Be sure to follow lyrical school on their website and Twitter page. With such an ingenious video, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Source: CuRAZY
Top image: Vimeo/RUNandRUN_lyrisch