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YouTube channel Ask Japanese is flipping the script and asking foreigners what they think about the men they see around them. Find out if you agree with their observations!

We all love to hear what Japanese people have to say when they’re asked candid questions, and Ask Japanese has already addressed issues such as women’s ideal body types and what kind of women Japanese men go for. But this time around, the street interview experts are focusing on a different pool of people as they ask foreigners in Japan what they think about the Japanese men they see around them.

Since they appear to be in a pretty metropolitan area (it looks like Shibuya), a lot of Japanese men are dressed for work and the multitude of suited men is not lost on a lot of people.

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However, one thing is very clear: the sense of style and class that Japanese men and boys have is something foreigners have definitely picked up on.

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Although their hairstyles were getting both positive and negative comments.

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Plenty of respondents also remarked on the fact that men in Japan always appear to be in a rush, but are still very gentlemanly and kind.

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One person even noted that Japanese men seemed more “peaceful”, in that he felt they go about their daily business quietly and without making a fuss, which was different from in his home country.

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Did these opinions match up with the way you see Japanese men? Those of you who have visited the country might have been nodding your head throughout the video, but surprisingly, even if your only frame of reference is through TV dramas or anime and manga, you’d still see a lot men just like the ones they were describing.

Be sure to check out more of Ask Japanese’s candid videos with Japanese and foreigner responses over on their YouTube channel.

Source & screenshots: YouTube/Ask Japanese