Spoiler alert: the words “small” and “skinny” come up A LOT.

It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of pressure in Japan for both sexes to stay slim. Guys here tend to aspire to look better in tight pants than being super muscular, and women with a very low body fat percentage are generally held up as paragons of beauty. Of course, like in any country, different people have different preferences but it goes almost without saying that in Japan, thin is definitely in.

So when we stumbled across a street interview video by YouTube channel Ask Japanese polling guys on the street as to their preferred female body type, we had a good idea of what to expect…

The majority of the guys polled had only two requirements for their ideal lady: that she be “small” and that she be “skinny”. Skinny ankles were also cited as a major turn-on.

A lot of the guys interviewed also expressed concerns about their own height and stipulated that their ideal girl should be shorter than they are. With the average Japanese male being 171 cm tall (5′ 6″), that doesn’t give any particularly tall girls out there much of a chance.

The fellow below was very specific about his preferences. Incidentally, a woman with a height of 165 centimeters (5′ 4″) who weighs 50 kilograms (110 pounds) is a hair’s breadth above “medically underweight” on the BMI scale.

▼ Not pictured: tape measure and portable scales

Some of the guys prefer their girls with a bit of meat on their bones, but from the video’s findings it seems they’re a much rarer breed.

▼ This guy, however, knows what he likes and doesn’t care who knows it.

▼ Personally, I feel like this fellow has the right idea.

Naturally, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their “ideal” partner, but it’s important to remain open-minded.

What did you think of the video? Are these guys’ ideals realistic or not? And how do you like your ladies, fellas?

Source: YouTube – Ask Japanese
Images: Screenshot via YouTube – Ask Japanese