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Nostalgic yet innovative bathing suits offered as an alternative to flashy, revealing bikinis.

Roughly a year ago, we took a look at some very original bathing suits from Japanese swimwear maker Footmark. Offered as an alternative to the one-piece swimsuits traditionally used by girls in Japanese P.E. classes, Footmark’s skirted designs managed to be fresh yet conservative, not to mention cute.

While they were offered in adult sizes as well, the primary target market was junior high and high school students. Apparently the company got such a positive reaction from adult customers, though, that this year it’s offering what it calls the Adult-Use School Swimsuit, a brand-new design that’s just for grown-ups.

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Offered in the standard P.E. colors of navy or black, Footmark says it designed the suit for customers who want a modest, understated look. The company particularly recommends it to women who make only a few trips to the pool or beach each year and want something they can wear whether they’re swimming for fitness or leisure.

The skirt is long enough to keep your bottom covered as you lounge on the sand or swim laps. Meanwhile, the wide sleeves limit your shoulders exposure to UV rays and unwanted eyes, and the rounded collar is feminine without being cleavage-flauntingly plunging.

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The suit is available in sizes small to extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-large, with prices ranging from 7,236 to 8,316 yen (US$68-$78). Preorders have already started through Footmark’s Ukiukiya online store here, and also Rakuten here. Shipping is scheduled for late April, so you could be seeing this look as early as next month.

Source: At Press
Images: Ukiukiya (edited by RocketNews24)