Sells out almost immediately, prompts second production run.

In Japan, October 10 was Fitness Day, a national holiday dedicated to furthering passion and interest in physical well-being. While many celebrated by participating in sports or group exercise events, fashion website Moira Design chose to mark the occasion by releasing a new one-piece dress inspired by the type of shirt used in Japan’s iconic P.E. uniforms.

Just like much of Japan has warm, nostalgic feelings for the sailor suit, so too do many adults have fond memories of the clothing worn for gym class, which usually takes the form of a simple white T-shirt with colored sleeve cuffs and collar. Since most Japanese educational institutions opt for subdued school colors, Moira Design’s Training Wear One Piece, as the dress is officially called (the word “training” is often used as a catch-all for “fitness” in Japan) goes with understated maroon accents.


Made of a special, sweat-absorbent, fast-drying variety of polyester, Moira Design touts this as “A piece of clothing you can always play and run in.” While that’s technically true, the extra length needed to turn a P.E. shirt into a dress means that the Training Wear One Piece is probably better suited to relaxing, or perhaps turning heads, than running wind sprints.

▼ Windbreaker not included



But despite its shortcomings as dedicated sportswear, there was apparently massive latent demand for the Training Wear One Piece, as the initial batch sold out just two days after it went on sale. The fast-acting Moira Design is already gearing up for another production run, though, and is taking domestic orders through its website here, where the item is priced at 8,900 yen (US$86). Oh, and Moira Design also sells the Maid School Swimsuits and Sailor Suit Swimsuits we talked about a while back, just in case you need even more educational-themed crossover clothing.

Source: IT Media
Images: Moira Design