Just in time for summer vacation, the Japanese P.E. uniform gets transformed into something for grown-ups.

Japan is entering its rainy season right now, but just on the other side of the that is the part of summer made for spending time at the pool and beach. So Tokyo-based swimwear manufacturer Footmark figured it’s the perfect time to unveil the latest addition to its collection of “School Swimsuits for Adults,” which takes the simple styling cues of the swimsuits Japanese students wear in P.E. classes and adapts it for adult use.

As with last year’s version, the 2017 design, called the Asymmetry Skirt One-piece, is meant to be feminine and sporty, but not overtly sexy or revealing. The short sleeves provide coverage for the shoulders, and the arm openings are tailored to keep the wearer’s underarms relatively out of sight.

At the neckline, the polyester/urethane material gathers to provide a bit of flair without showing off much cleavage. Down below, the skirt, as alluded to in the product name, has an asymmetrical drape to it, and is sewn in such a manner to always cover the hips and create the appearance of long legs and a compact backside.

Footmark says its target market is shoppers who don’t like the bright colors and bold patterns common to many women’s swimsuits, and who also want a single piece of swimwear they can use either for exercising at the pool or frolicking in the ocean. In keeping with the school swimsuit theme, the Asymmetry Skirt One-piece is offered in only two shades: navy blue and black.

The swimsuits are available in sizes small to extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-large, with prices ranging from 7,236 yen (US$65) to 8,316 yen, with the larger sizes carrying higher price tags. Orders can be placed through Footmark’s online shop Ukiukiya (small to large here, extra-large to extra-extra-large here, larger sizes here) or through Ukiukiya’s Rakuten store (here, here, and here), with shipping scheduled for mid-July.

Source: PR Times
Images: Ukiukiya

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