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And there was much rejoicing.

It may still only be spring, but summer is right around the corner, and that means everybody’s favorite summer activity is coming: Slipping into swimwear and getting wet and wild!

One Japanese fashion company’s summer lineup skirts the line between swimsuit and undergarments like never before. Yume Tenbo, a maker of women’s apparel, recently released their Dear My Love collection, a set of four swimsuits based off lingerie and camisole designs.

▼ Now you really can wear your underwear to the pool!
Or…you can wear your swimsuit to bed too, I guess, if that’s what you’re into.

SF 1

Each set costs 5,900 yen (US$53) and comes in medium and large sizes. The pieces are meant to make the wearer “feel like a princess from a fairy tale who will be beautiful and loved forever.”

Do the swimsuits accomplish that goal? We’ll leave you with some more samples to decide for yourself. For, uh, science.

▼ Here’s the flower corsage bikini. (Awesome hat unfortunately not included.)

dear my love (1)

dear my love (2)

dear my love (3)

▼ The “babydoll” camisole bikini, for when you’re having a sleepover
at the beach and only have room for one change of clothes.

dear my love (7)

dear my love (8)

▼ The lace frill “lolita” bikini, complete with ribbons and heart-shaped buttons,
to show the world how ready for summer/slumber you are.

dear my love (10)

dear my love (11)

▼ And finally the cherry and strawberry cream one piece,
for those who gravitate toward the more fruity things in life.

dear my love (4)

dear my love (5)

Suddenly feeling interested in getting an underwear-inspired bathing suit for yourself? They’re all currently available for preorder at Yume Tenbo’s website and would make a perfect summer gift for your sweetheart, significant other, or uh, other special friend.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you buy one for your life-sized Evangelion figure or monster-size Totoro plushie. You just do you, friend. You just do you.

Source: Yume Tenbo via KAI-YOU
Images: Yume Tenbo