Convenience stores around the world are known for stocking everyday items like toiletries, magazines, snacks and soft drinks.

But in Japan, the konbini is also a place to send and receive deliveries, buy movie and theatre tickets, and pick up a life-sized Eva doll and Evangelion SIM-free smartphone.

For a limited time, from 31 October to 12 November, three of the stars from the enormously popular Evangelion franchise will be available for purchase by lottery from 7-Eleven for a whopping 1,728,000 yen (US$14, 402) each. Weighing in at 35 kilograms (77 pounds), all the life-sized figurines feature a serial number at the base on which they stand.

▼ Rei Ayanami stands at 158 centimetres (5.2 feet) tall.



▼ Coming in one centimetre shorter, at 157 centimetres tall, is Asuka Langley Shikinami.



▼ Kaworu Nagisa joins the girls, standing at 166 centimetres in height.



Despite the surprisingly hefty price tag, with only 15 of each character available, ardent fans will make sure these walk out the door as fast as the 30,000 special smartphones on sale for 84,240 yen ($702.91).


Called the SH-M02-EVA20, the Sharp phone comes kitted out with a whole range of extra features in addition to the special purple-and-green case, orange side buttons and hologram design of Shinji’s Evangelion Unit 01 robot on the rear.

▼ A specially designed widget takes its cues from the anime series to keep you updated on your reception and battery life.


▼ A different wallpaper is delivered to your phone every day for a year.


▼ Sounds from the series and original character voices from cast members are included, meaning you can have Misato Katsuragi alert you to new emails or greet you with a “wake up!” in the morning.


To check out all the phone’s features, take a look at the short video below.

Applications for the phone will be accepted from 2 November. Make sure you get in quick because the chance to own a unit like this is one both humans and mecha wouldn’t want to miss!


Source: ITmedia
Top Image: Seven-Eleven Japan
Insert Images: Seven-Eleven JapanSeven-Eleven Japan