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Now you can get a monthly supply of cute featuring characters from Sanrio, Neko Atsume, and Sailor Moon, all delivered straight to your door, no matter how far away you live!

Earlier this year, we introduced you to an awesome Japanese candy delivery service called Tokyo Treat. Now the same company is expanding their international boxed gift delivery service with a brand new product called “Yume Twins” or “Dream Twins”, which bundles up a package of cute products for shipping worldwide! We were lucky enough to receive their August box of goodies and were incredibly impressed with the quality of items in the beautiful pale purple box. Let’s take a look inside to see what’s on offer for customers this month!

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▼ The beautiful design on the box is just as cute as the items inside.

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Nothing can fill you with joy quite like a gift box, and when it’s packed to the brim with Japanese goodies, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Inside, there’s the colourful “Yume Twins Magazine”, a monthly booklet that gives you an overview of the items you’ve received, along with some news on competitions and Tokyo fashion shops and trends.

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▼ Squee! A boxful of Japanese kawaii is almost too much excitement to bear!

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First up, there’s an adorable Alpacasso Push toy from Amuse. With three designs available, we received one of the striped pastel varieties.

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▼ Awww…look at that sweet face!

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With a lot of knock-off Amuse items around the marketplace, Yume Twins guarantees its customers will receive only authentic brand items.

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▼ Next up, there’s a cute “Sweets Mascot” keychain from popular Japanese toy manufacturer Re-Ment.

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▼ And there’s an adorable Hello Kitty pen from Sanrio!

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▼ The cats from Japanese mobile game Neko Atsume make an appearance in a beautiful, high-quality notepad filled with a variety of designs.

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▼ And there’s also a small pocket towel featuring Airou from the popular Monster Hunter video game franchise. Here he’s dressed up, all ready for a Japanese summer festival!

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This sweet letter set contains 12 letter sheets, six envelopes and a number of cute seals, all featuring the cute Sanrio character Pompompurin.

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And there’s another adorable plush toy, this time from Shinada, a company well-known for making high quality, natural-looking character plushies.

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The final item in the box is a funny Gudetama mascot toy from Sanrio that can be moulded into all sorts of shapes.

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▼ The famous lazy egg character is like putty in your hands!

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To get a box of cute Japanese items like these delivered to your door, orders can be placed online at the Yume Twins website. Prices for the box start at US$29.99 for one month, including worldwide shipping, and decrease slightly in price for three, six, and 12-month subscriptions. With new items available each month, and 20 percent off the price of your first box, it’s the easiest way to enjoy cute Japan anywhere in the world!

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