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Barrier-smashing metal group teams up with revolutionary video game.

Babymetal is really going places these days. After showing up on both The Late Show with Steven Colbert and the top of the iTunes sales charts, the trio of metal vocalists have now arrived in Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker.

By completing the newly uploaded Metal Resistance course for the hit video game/platformer design tool, players can obtain a Baby Metal character that’s a three-in-one composite of band members Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal.

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The three have even lent their voices to the project, as they announce “We are Babymetal” when they make their appearance, shout “Tobe!” (“Jump!”) when leaping over obstacles, and exclaim ”Yosha!” (“We did it!”) upon clearing a level.

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Although the Babymetal cluster is wider than the standard Mario, it looks like Nintendo cuts players a break by not having the hitbox extend all the way to the edges of the sprite.

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The Babymetal Mario Maker character is available right now, and, in keeping with the group’s growing international popularity, can be obtained be gamers playing the game anywhere in the world.

Source: Music Natalie via Cupo
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