“I’m not sure what I’m about to see…but I’m pretty excited about it!”

Babymetal is having a pretty good month, we’d say. They’ve just kicked off a world tour, Metal Resistance, which getting great reviews, and it looks like their album is also selling like ice cream sandwiches in the middle of summer.

Add a new highlight to all that: The group has just had their U.S. television debut on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Yes, Babymetal actually performed live on the Late Show, making this the second most bizarre pairing between a Japanese music and American talk show host following Hatsune Miku performing for Letterman.

In keeping with his persona, Colbert opened the segment with a quip, “I’m not sure what I’m about to see,” eliciting laughter from the audience, before continuing, “but I’m pretty excited about it.” We were pretty excited about it too!

While we had expected Babymetal to perform a track from the new album, it’s not entirely surprising they went with “Gimme Chocolate.” This song and its live video created massive buzz for the group in 2014 and is one of their most well-known numbers. It’s also the song with some of the funnest choreography, which we figure makes it a great choice for television.

As you may expect, the crowd seemed to love the performance, and the video, not quite an hour old, has already received over 100 hundred comments — most of which seem to come from happy fans.

▼ Colbert looks like he enjoyed the performance as well.


Now, the only question is: How long until we see Babymetal dancing with Ellen?

Source/featured image: YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via Facebook/
(h/t to Mininja and its creator for letting us know about the performance)