What’s cute, frilly and metal all over? BABYMETAL of course! From relative obscurity only two years ago, to doing various concerts around the world in 2014, the presence of BABYMETAL has been sudden, if not shocking. It’s hard to believe that the combination of idol music and hardcore metal has created something that many people are getting fired up over. In fact, BABYMETAL has such a fan base now that their self-titled first album was voted as the Number 1 Metal Album of 2014. Say what?!?

The online metal magazine MetalSucks asked in a poll to rate the best metal album of 2014. It was a close vote, with Ne Obliviscaris’ Citadel reeling in 539 votes and Behemoth’s The Satanist getting a solid 388 votes. Nothing though could stop BABYMETAL’s rise to the top.

babymetal 2

So how did the readers of MetalSucks feel about the cute but metal-y girls taking the top spot?

“BABYMETAL is amazing!”
“It’s natural they got 1st!”
“The album is really great and the song ‘Akatsuki’ is especially great.”
“This is the future of metal.”

Right alongside negative comments like:

“BABYMETAL is NOT metal”
“This has to be a joke.”

It’s not just the readers of MetalSucks that are getting all uppity about BABYMETAL. We are sure One Direction fans were surprised when they discovered what Harry Styles meant when he tweeted

Also JC Chasez from *NSYNC seems to have taken a liking to them.

Being as this poll was conducted on “The Internet”, it’s hard to say whether or not this is a joke. One thing is adamantly clear though, BABYMETAL is the most divisive metal band of 2014. While purists might complain about any number of aspects about the band (idols, manufactured music, pop metal, etc.) BABYMETAL has proven that they have a large rabid fan base as they played to sold out concerts in three continents this year.

Whether you are a fan or not, if you want to be in “the know” in the music scene, get familiar with the name BABYMETAL. Their massive number of fans will ensure that this band will continue to play their particular brand of metal for a while to come.

They’re only getting more popular! 

Source: Matome News
Images: Facebook (BABYMETAL)