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It’s said that men and women see the world differently, so sometimes they draw it differently too.

As we’ve talked about before, male and female anime and manga illustrators are likely to portray certan things, such as women who are bathing or going to the bathroom, in separate ways. Now it looks like Japanese Twitter users have identified another common scene where artistic choices split along the gender line.

In a recent tweet, @sibainu_oyogu, a woman herself, included a four-sectioned diagram with examples, in her mind, how both male and female artists tend to draw male and female characters in their swimsuits.

▼ How male artists draw male characters (left) vs. how female artists draw them (right)

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Starting with the guys, it’s not surprising that @sibainu_oyogu feels that female artists, many of whom are creating comics for a predominantly female audience, have a greater tendency to draw shirtless male characters with a lean, muscular physique. But along with their different body types, @sibainu_oyogu’s examples also show a greater predilection for low-hanging shorts that expose the bottom of a guy’s rock-hard six-pack abs, along with the top of his crotch.

Of course, that’s not to say the two design trends are any more similar when the character is a woman.

▼ How male artists draw female characters (left) vs. how female artists draw them (right)

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Again, artists of the opposite gender to the character often draft a more dynamic build, like the top-heavy hourglass figure @sibainu_oyogu rendered for her chart. And not only is she more buxom than @sibainu_oyogu’s depiction of a female-drawn woman in a bikini, the “male-drawn” woman’s taste in swimwear is much more daring and revealing.

@sibainu_oyogu was quick to remind her followers that the graph represents nothing more than her own personal observations, but several commenters were quick to say they shared her opinion.

“I think you hit the nail on the head!”
“I totally get what you’re talking about.”
“Let us know what other difference you spot between male and female artists.”

We second that last request, and can’t wait to see what @sibainu_oyogu spots next.

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Source: Jin
Top image: Twitter/@sibainu_oyogu (edited by RocketNews24)