Artist digitally manipulates videos of kung fu masters practicing their craft to create sequences of mesmerizing motion.

The four minute-long video Kung Fu Motion Visualization has been impressing net users the world over with its simple but elegant visuals of martial artists’ performances translated into sequences of digital movements. Created by German-born digital media and design artist Tobias Gremmler, the sequences are positively hypnotizing, and the eerie background music also contributes to an otherworldly feel.

The entire video is composed of four main variations, each of which use different digital techniques to express the movement of the kung fu masters:

▼ “Variation 1: Fabric weaved by Time”


▼ “Variation 2: Velocity transforms into Matter”


▼ “Variation 3, 3.1: Expanding into Emptiness”


▼ “Variation 4, 4.1, 4.2: Reconstructing Shapes from Motion; Variation 4.2: Form follows Time”


Regarding his work, Gremmler has the following to say:

“When working on this project, I was deeply inspired by the dynamics of motion and philosophy of Kung Fu [sic]. The work was commissioned by International Guoshu Association for an Kung Fu exhibition, initiated by Hing Chao. The exhibition focuses on the legacy of Hakka martial arts in Hong Kong and will launch in Hong Kong in September. The Kung Fu Masters whose motions has been captured are: Master Wong Yiu Kau (Variation 1-3) and Master Li Shek Lin (Variation 3,4).”

More of Gremmler’s work can be found at both his personal site and Vimeo.

Source: Sploid 
Images: Vimeo/Tobias Gremmler