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In a case of “teens who don’t think things through” versus trucks, we’re guessing the trucks might win…

“Teens these days,” might be a common phrase you hear around the water cooler, if such a thing still exists in the workplace. However, with recent footage from a traffic camera in China, you have to be asking yourself, “What in the world are they trying to accomplish?”

Captured in Chengde, part of north China’s Hebei Province, this little video shows a bunch of young adults challenging each other to a game of “who can stay in the middle of traffic the longest.” This reckless behavior is soon spotted by local police who put a stop to the silly antics. Even though the teenagers bolted upon seeing the authorities, they were soon caught, given strict warnings and then lectured on traffic safety.

chicken 3

While teens playing chicken with traffic (or trains or charging bulls or pretty much whatever they can find) is obviously just a horrible idea, it’s also kind of amusing to see how universal it is. And so is this: Stay in school, kids!

Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube/CCTV News