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The world’s first elevated bus that glides over the top of moving cars began its first test run today in Hebei province, China.

China’s ground-breaking elevated bus design has now become a reality allowing commuters to actually travel over cars, which means they will never be held up by that little nasty thing called traffic.

The bus is 72 feet (22 meters) long and 25 foot (7.8 meters) wide and can carry up to 300 passengers with 18 seats on each side and two central circle seats holding up to ten people each. The bus runs over two traffic lanes and has a clearance of about 7 foot (or 2.1 meters).

▼ See the launch of the elevated bus

The elevated bus was invented by Beijing-based company Transit Explore Bus and first grabbed the world’s attention when it was showcased at Beijing’s 19th International High-Tech Expo last May. The bus is not only great for traffic it also runs on electricity, decreasing air pollution, which is always a big concern in China.

▼ The future has arrived!

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And if you get bored of driving over the top of other cars there are also TV screens and dynamic maps on board.

▼ Here is another video explaining the launch of the “straddling bus”

There are still some concerns about safety given this is the world’s first elevated bus (such as what happens if a truck appears on the same road?). But if all goes smoothly you may be seeing the elevated bus pop up in a city near you.

Source: The Verge
Images: YouTube/New China TV