Elderly woman drives at speed on sidewalk in Japan 【Video】

The scene was captured on video until she disappeared from view.

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MariCar Mario Kart driver mounts pavement, causes serious damage in Tokyo accident

The foreign tourist won’t be forgetting her eventful Mario Kart experience anytime soon.

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Japanese youths anger police by sitting at kotatsu table at busy Kyoto intersection【Video】

Locals say it’s all part of a Kyoto University tradition.

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5 things about Japanese customer service that surprise foreign visitors

In Japan, the customer is God, and sometimes that means going above and beyond to please with distinctive styles of service.

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Tokyo Police Join Forces With Final Fantasy to End Traffic Accidents

Tokyo Metropolitan Police to collaborate with World of Final Fantasy to promote traffic safety.

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Swarms of insects cause chaos on bridge in Japan

Incredible photos show an extraordinary number of insects wreaked havoc on drivers, closing a bridge and causing accidents on the weekend.

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Frogger this is not – teens caught on traffic camera playing chicken with cars【Video】

In a case of “teens who don’t think things through” versus trucks, we’re guessing the trucks might win…

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Amazing drone footage captures jaw-dropping traffic jam in China 【Video】

If you ever thought you’d been stuck in a traffic jam, you may want to think again.

Aerial footage taken yesterday in China shows what happens when thousands of people arrive at a toll booth at once as they head home after a week-long national holiday. With cars stretching as far as the eye can see and 50 lanes of vehicles, this is one traffic jam you don’t want to be in.

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You’ve probably never had as much fun in a traffic jam than these Chinese motorists 【Pics】

Whether it be Japan’s Golden Week, America’s Memorial Day or any other national holidays in the spring, the draw of good weather and free time calls people out of their homes. Who could resist a nice drive under blue skies, while not having to think about usual daily responsibilities? Probably no one on the planet.

On May 1, China celebrated Labor Day, a national holiday. Free from work, people headed out. If you haven’t heard, China has a lot of people, so with nearly everyone having a day off, you can only imagine what the traffic was like! While most people would let heavy traffic ruin their day, some Chinese people who were stuck in an infinity-long line of traffic decided to not let the situation get them down and instead brought the party on to the road.

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Possibly the most considerate pedestrian crossing button ever installed

Push-buttons at a pedestrian crossing are a pretty standard safety feature at most intersections.

But how long does a push button need to be? And we’re not talking about the length of time waiting once you press the push button, but the length of the actual push button…

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Spot discovered on the Taipei Bridge without a scooter on it

Scooters are a popular means of transportation in all Asian countries for their small size and fuel economy. In Japan not a day goes by where you don’t see a dozen or so small engine bikes puttering around the streets.

However this video taken from Taiwan is on a whole other level. What must be thousands of scooters pouring off the Taipei Bridge are simply making their daily commute. The roughly two-minute video is eerily reminiscent of the million-duck march in Thailand last month, and yet it’s also strangely relaxing to watch.

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71-year-old driver of 2-ton truck arrested in Kobe, “never had a licence” in 50 years of driving

Police in Kobe arrested a 71-year-old man on suspicion of driving without a valid licence on Monday this week after a local police officer recognised the vehicle’s number plate following a prior incident. When questioned about the offence, however, it transpired that the wily old truck driver had not simply forgotten to renew his documents, but had never held a licence in the 50 years he’d been behind the wheel.

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Going round in circles: Japan considers introducing roundabouts

We recently talked about some changes the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism was making to street signs ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but it seems they are not content with superficial changes. They have apparently started looking into the plausibility of introducing signal-less roundabouts to Japan, something that could have drivers feeling very grumpy.

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Bird poop disables 25,000 traffic signals in Nagano

On 28 August police and motorists in Shiojiri and Matsumoto cities in Nagano Prefecture had to deal with nearly a half an hour of dead traffic lights. The cause of this menace was none other than mankind’s greatest airborne threat – bird droppings.

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