Japanese Emperor rides by on Imperial Train, makes schoolgirls scream like he’s a boy band idol

Teenage girl’s Tik Tok video goes viral after she spots Emperor Naruhito on the royal train.

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Online survey reveals startling facts about what young Japanese people think about their country

And whether the world out there holds any interest for them at all.

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“We just wanted to see them stop!” Four train otaku arrested for throwing smoke bombs at trains

These otaku were a little too interested in trains. 

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“This ticket makes any wish come true”: Love stops a Japanese teenager from taking his own life

A Twitter user talks of how his mother’s demonstration of love brought him back from the brink, and others share their own stories.

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From pop culture to fashion, rise of South Korea sees a marked influence on Japanese teenagers

Are we seeing the start of a new cultural evolution in Japan?

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Mr. Sato pretends to be a teen to see if he’ll be sold cigarettes

SoraNews24 takes you on a super-serious expose of the dark world of underage smoking.

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Frogger this is not – teens caught on traffic camera playing chicken with cars【Video】

In a case of “teens who don’t think things through” versus trucks, we’re guessing the trucks might win…

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Group of teenage Thai actors placed under house arrest for dancing on Japanese train 【Video】

Anyone who has ridden the trains in Japan has probably had a very different experience from riding them in their home country. The trains I ride here in Boston are loud, not the cleanest, and full of people talking and listening to music as if there’s not a hundred others around them. In Japan though, that doesn’t fly. Everyone is motionless, remains quiet, and mostly respectful of others.

One group of Thai teenage actors found that out the hard way. They filmed themselves doing the unspeakable act of dancing while on a train in Japan, and quickly found themselves on the receiving end of some harsh punishment: six months of house arrest and banned for six months from all forms of social networking sites.

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Students climb monument in Nagoya, piss everyone off with their “loose morals”

Let’s just cut to the chase here and face the facts: Teenagers do a lot of dumb things. Now, we’re not saying that all teenagers do dumb things, but the fact remains that the part of your brain that keeps you from, say, climbing a public monument in broad daylight clearly doesn’t properly develop in high school.

At least, that’s the conclusion you might draw after seeing the ire these students have drawn after a photo of their mindless exploits made it onto Twitter.

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