Just like some of us aren’t morning people, some felines just aren’t morning cats.

At around 7:40 a.m. on June 7, Japanese Twitter user @Small_river10 felt nature calling, as many people do after a long, restful slumber. So she headed to the bathroom, no doubt eager to attend to the end stage of the digestive process.

Unfortunately, it turned out the toilet was occupied, and by her pet cat. More surprising than the occupant, though, was the exact manner in which he was occupying the throne.

▼ “What the heck are you doing, and first thing in the morning, no less?!?”


Apparently @Small_river10’s kitty had hopped up on the edge of the porcelain to get a drink, but in doing so had somehow managed to knock the lid back on itself. At least that’s the most obvious explanation. @Small_river10 herself jokingly said “This style of toilet-play is too advanced for me to comprehend,” and one online commenter had the following theory:

“Does your cat have a hangover or something?”

Another quipped that, in this situation, the text reading “Open” on the toilet cover looks like a very polite and specific request for assistance. Thankfully, @Small_river10’s cat was none the worse for wear, and while that definitely looks like an unpleasant morning, her pet still had the rest of the day to turn things around.

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Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@Small_river10