Since she didn’t get up with the chickens, her hair got turned into a crab.

Being the youngest of three siblings, I spent a lot of my childhood years sharing a room with at least one of my older brothers. That close proximity meant we had to be on more or less the same sleep-wake cycle, but apparently Japanese Twitter user @Ochi2822S’s home has enough space that his younger sister can continue snoozing long after he’s woken up.

As a matter of fact, on one recent morning, @Ochi2822S’s sister was slumbering so long after he was up and about that he took it upon himself to teach her an artistic lesson about sleeping the day away.

▼ “My sister still isn’t up, so I played a little prank on her.”

Apparently the length of @Ochi2822S’s sister’s beauty rest is matched only by the length of her hair, so the Twitter user set about rearranging her tresses in a variety of patterns. After forming 20 sunbeam-like radiating shafts of hair, @Ochi2822S’s creative vision next led him to craft a series of connected waves, hearts, and finally a crab holding both pincers high.

Silly as it may be, the prank is pretty low on the viciousness scale, and you have to admit, that crab is pretty cute. Still, if she’s sleeping through all this, it might be time for @Ochi2822S’s sister to invest in an alarm rooster.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@Ochi2822Ssr