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But really, do people even send mail anymore?

Honest to goodness paper mail is still going strong in Japan. If nothing else, we doubt it will ever be OK to send New Year’s Greeting cards electronically. How would Japan Post run their annual lottery otherwise? Thankfully, the post office keeps things entertaining for those of us who have to physically get to a box and drop our mail off to be sent. Here’s just a few of the awesome post boxes that litter the country from the tip of Hokkaido to the bottom of Kyushu.

▼ Don’t over stuff it, leave room for the joey!

▼ A penguin post box in Nagoya

▼ Japan Post, you are our rock!

▼ Surprisingly, it’s not that much busier on February 14.

▼ We have to assume this Kumamoto tanuki gets dressed for all the seasons

▼ We knew it!

▼ Mt. Fuji and Mt. Fuji!

▼ It’s not the only train car in Shinagawa Station

▼ What an adorable panda box topper!

▼ Stop! Do you have the right postage on your letter?

▼ Mail lifts the world up!

▼ It’s like a set of Russian nesting dolls

▼ Penguins make the perfect post box markers

▼ A stork is as good as a penguin, right?

▼ The sakura are always in bloom at this post box

▼ A ball of a post box!

▼ We commend the mail man who comes to collect the mail from this nightmare.

▼ Of course, the Ueno Park post box looks like a panda!

▼ Gegege-t your mail into the post box

▼ This yuki daruma (snow man) isn’t going to melt!

▼ And, as a special bonus, it doesn’t look like much, but this one is underwater!

Some of these boxes are so cleverly designed that you might even think you’re not supposed to put your mail in them. Share any fun post boxes you find in your Japan travels and let us know which one you like the best in the comments below!

Source: Sarusawa Blog via UFunk
Top image: Instagram/fugumika, Instagram/trntrnt, Instagram/pekopeko_kuro (edited by RocketNews24)