New oyster-themed lingerie is delightfully weird, possibly sexy, based on tasty Hiroshima oysters

If oysters turn you on (even without eating them) then this lingerie is for you!

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Now you can be one step closer to the very best with your very own life-size, realistic Poké Ball

Preorder now to start your journey to collect ’em all!

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Starbucks Japan surprises customers with fizzy and creamy strawberry Frappuccinos 【Taste Test】

Do you prefer your strawberries rich or fizzy?

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Kabuki and food join forces for the ultimate collaboration in the form of soy sauce plates

A collaboration that brings one of Japan’s oldest traditions and food culture together, in the form of tableware.

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“Face Hiring”: Japanese cosmetics company Isehan’s new hiring campaign is causing a stir

The company is impressing people with its interest not in beauty, but in personality!

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These creative, fanciful post boxes from Japan will delight you in so many ways【Photos】

But really, do people even send mail anymore?

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Sayonara, sushi: 21 little things that people miss after leaving Japan

As a reader of RocketNews24, chances are you already have a pretty big soft spot for Japan. You may even already be living in the Land of the Rising Sun or have plans to fly out just as soon as circumstances allow.

But sometimes, even when we love a place with every fibre of our being, we just can’t stay forever. Family anxiously awaiting our return; work commitments; financial constraints and more mean that, at some point or other, many of us have to wave goodbye to Japan and return to our respective homelands.

Some of the things people miss about Japan will be immediately obvious, but others tend to sink in only a few weeks or months after returning home. Today, we’re taking a look at 21 of the little things, in no particular order, that Japan does so uniquely or so incredibly well that foreigners really start to pine for them once they finally say sayonara and head home.

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Aomori? Here! Fukushima? Here! Saitama? Here but I have a cold…

Homeroom, that fateful time of day before real classes start where the teacher calls roll to see which kids successfully rolled out of bed that morning. Some countries don’t have an official “homeroom”. They just call your name and classes begin. But in Japan, homeroom is a whole different beast. And the surprise of one Twitter user at how homeroom is conducted in Saitama Prefecture versus the rest of the country makes for a good laugh, especially because of the comments from other people around Japan.

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Kawasaki’s ‘Digital Kowloon Walled City’

Every city has its bad parts and areas to avoid, but there’s no denying that these less favorable areas give even the poshest urban centers something to talk about. While Kowloon Walled City no longer exists, its fixture in popular imagination will likely persist for decades, if not centuries.

In 1987, the city housed 33,000 people in 6.5 acres and was largely lawless, though informal social structures naturally emerged among the citizens. The city, as you might expect, has been the inspiration and setting for many fictional works, from books to movies to video games. And, now, it’s provided inspiration for a unique business venture in Japan.

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Hot Spring Lovers Rejoice! Three Unique Onsen Resorts to Try Before You Die

During these chilly winter months, there’s nothing quite like taking a dip in a natural hot spring and feeling your aching muscles soften like a pan of chocolate on a warm log cabin stove. But if you’ve seen every onsen (hot spring) that Japan has to offer or are simply wishing to avoid the crowds of like-minded visitors, locating a new place to bathe isn’t easy. Thankfully, help is at hand.

In an article over at Yahoo! Japan’s R25 digital magazine, a member of the Nihon Onsen Kyoukai (Japan Hot Spring Association) lets readers in on three little-known, not to mention rather unusual, hot spring locations that are sure to leave you with plenty of tales to tell family and friends. All the juicy info after the break.

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