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Simulated sex demonstration in Akihabara definitely needed a bigger venue.

Despite their opposite positions on the technological/biological scale, Japan tends to be pretty unabashed in its passion for computers and pornography. So if you were organizing some sort of event that combined the two, you might want to book a venue that has a pretty large capacity, especially if it was taking place in the country’s most densely populated city.

That seems like it should be common sense, but somehow the Adult VR Festa, a sexual virtual reality exposition held last Sunday in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood, ended up with space for only about 300 attendees. So while inside things looked like this…

…the view outside was like this.

As a matter of fact, so many people showed up to get their simulated freak on that just 15 minutes after the doors opened, the event space was so crowded that the staff stopped letting people in. However, many of those who had made the trip to Akihabara were as patient as they were horny. Rather than go home, some 500 of them decided to wait on the sidewalk outside the building where the event was taking place.

Akihabara is always crowded on the weekends, though, so there’s not really enough space for an additional 500 people to just chill on a major pedestrian walkway. With the group getting in the way of people who had come for something other than coming, eventually the police came in to disperse the would-be Adult VR Festa attendees.


We’re sure many of them were bitterly disappointed, but the event organizers have promised that they’ll be back again with a similar exhibition in August, presumably in a bigger venue.

▼ And also hopefully with thoroughly washed equipment.

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Sources: Jin, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@kaztsu