Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Sushi Device is. You have to see it for yourself.

This has become a really thrilling moment in history for the field of butter technology. Just last week we saw the development of sake butter by Canoble, who have now brought us the next step in VR butter technology.

Dubbed “Butter Devices” these bite-sized morsels of flavored butter are specially designed to gradually melt in your mouth and transition between various textures and tastes while you watch a complementary image through VR goggles. The first wave of Butter Devices were released a year ago and came in three seemingly abstract shapes and colors.

Image: PR Times

However, these shapes were carefully crafted so that the different parts, which have been shaped and hardened to different consistencies, melt away at just the right moments to release their distinct flavors. This is all intended to coincide with the serene ASMR visuals in the user’s VR display.

▼ What a Butter Device eater sees inside their VR goggles

Image: PR Times

It’s a pretty wild innovation in the normally conservative world of butter, and one that just got a little wilder with this year’s incarnation: The Sushi Device.

Image: PR Times

The Sushi Device is also a set of Butter Devices, but this time resembling pieces of nigiri sushi with different toppings. The basic concept is the same, however, as each piece has its own texture and rates at which it melts in the mouth to stimulate the senses of taste, smell, and touch in different ways.

Image: PR Times

However, unlike the previous Butter Devices that were enjoyed with an abstract visual, Sushi Devices were created with the recent metaverse trend in mind. Canoble hopes that people can snack on this new wave of sushi while strolling through the computer generated streets of Parareal Akihabara or any other virtual world.

These sushi devices are said to be different combinations of sweet flavors such as fruits and nuts. A six-pack can be purchased from the National Department Store online shop for 2,400 yen (US$20). They’re shipped frozen and have a storage life of about 30 days. 

Bringing the senses of smell and taste to virtual reality has long been a challenge, but maybe the answer has been designer butter all along. 

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Top image: PR Times
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