How would you like to make the  birth of your child official with a Hello Kitty or My Melody birth registration form?

We’ve already shared on our site various delightful characterthemed marriage certificates, and now, there’s another huge event in your life that you can celebrate with specially designed (and yes, super-cute) forms.

That’s right, they’ve come up with official birth registration forms decorated with your favorite Sanrio characters! Now, we think that’s a pretty nifty way to make an already joyous occasion even more special.

The birth registration forms, which became available on June 8, come in adorable designs featuring four Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars and Pom Pom Purin. Let’s take a look at the four character designs, shall we?

The registration form set comes with two copies for submission to the government office and three “unofficial” copies for the family to keep as a memento in the design of your choice (unfortunately you can choose only one design and the forms all come in that pattern), plus an original “naming certificate“.

▼ There are four Hello Kitty designs available. Yup, they’re all cute, and it’ll be hard to choose just one!


▼ And this is the “naming certificate” which proudly shows the child’s name as well as the date of birth, the name of the parents and the person responsible for naming the child.


▼ The forms for the characters other than Hello Kitty all come in two designs. Here are the patterns for Little Twin Stars.


▼ And these are the two designs available for My Melody.


▼ And last but not least, here are the designs for Pom Pom Purin.


The registration forms are available through the “Birth Registration Form Factory (Shussei Todoke Seisakujo)” site at a price of 3,200 yen (US$30) per set.

Sure, it’s all a huge dose of Japanese-style kawaii, but we have to say that the forms just seem to exude happiness!  And for couples who tied the knot with a Sanrio-themed marriage certificate, it could even be fun registering the birth of their child with a matching set of forms with the same character.

We certainly hope the registration form brings the child and happy parents much joy and good fortune!

Source and images: PR TIMES press release
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