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You’re going to look ridiculous, but that didn’t stop these ladies on the subway. But we wonder who gave them the idea…

Companies love it when people find multiple uses for their products. Most of the time, businesses don’t care why an item is being bought, just that it is being bought. This is doubly true for “everyday” items that are rejuvenated by the enormous skin and body care industry. Millions of people are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their face and skin looking young and beautiful, even if it means sticking a pink condom on their face.

▼ WHAT?!?

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▼ That’s not where that goes!

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That’s right, photos of a group of women on the Beijing Subway with condoms spread out on their faces like beauty masks recently appeared online in China, causing quite a stir. The women didn’t seem to care about what the products on their face were normally used for, they just needed some immediate beauty treatment. At least, that’s what we were supposed to think.

▼ This seems like a great idea…

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As you might have guessed though, it turns out this was a promotion for a new set of ultra-thin condoms. The Dx Condom Company did says that the lubrication fluid that is used for these condoms is quite good for your skin though. It seems to us, if you had a fluid that was good for skin, you’d probably get out of the condom business and go into the skin care business. Keep your advertising division though, they are pure (comedy) gold.

Source: Narinari
Images: Weibo/Dx Condom Company