Does Yodobashi Camera live up to expectations with its highly popular lucky bags?

When it comes to fukubukuro lucky bags, Japanese electronics shop Yodobashi Camera has some really great deals, but they’re so popular they’re almost impossible to get. Like the highly sought-after Starbucks lucky bag, you usually have to enter into a lottery online to even be able to have the chance to buy one, but so many people enter that the likelihood you’ll get one is extremely low. That’s why our Japanese-language reporter Ikuna Kamezawa has never bothered to try.

But Ikuna happened to be passing by the Yodobashi in Shinjuku on the morning of New Year’s day when she noticed they were actually selling fukubukuro in store! Of course, the most popular options were already sold out, but there were still some varieties left, and Ikuna couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get her hands on some of Yodobashi’s high-value lucky bags without having to fight for them. She couldn’t wait to find out if they were really worth the effort.

The name of the box that Ikuna picked up was called the Otoshidama Box of Dreams: Beauty and Health Electronics Dream. If you recognize that illustrious name, it’s probably because Ikuna also picked up the Kitchen Electronics Dream box, which was so heavy she needed help to carry it home. The kitchen gadget box turned out to be of tremendous value, so she was looking forward to what she would find in this beauty box, especially since she’s been wanting to invest in beauty gadgets but just never had the chance to prioritize buying them.

Like the kitchen gadget box, the beauty box retails for 10,000 yen. It was a pretty large box. What was inside?

It was packed with things!

Here’s everything laid out.

The first item that caught Ikuna’s attention was the huge box that took up most of the space inside the Box of Dreams. It was the “Neck Massager Momi Time Nagomi”.

Naturally, Ikuna understood from the name of the product that this would be some kind of device used to massage your neck, but the nondescript box did not prepare her for the actual product.

It was a serious device that succeeded her expectations by at least a hundred times!!

The Nagomi comes with a cable that plugs into an ordinary household outlet, so once it’s plugged in all you have to do is turn on a switch and it will start working its magic. Ikuna had had no idea that this kind of hard-core massager existed outside of massage-chair form.

Since it was relatively unobtrusive, it was something she could use while working. It would be great for those who are busy every day and don’t have the time or money for regular massages.

Ikuna also had fellow Japanese-language reporter Takashi Harada test it out for her, since he’d earned a massage by carrying home her giant box of kitchen electronics…

And for him, it was like heaven!

Takashi is actually an otaku for massage devices, so he’s something of an expert on the matter. He said the Nagomi was “Excellent.” Ikuna would probably never have bought this for herself, but she was beyond delighted to have it appear in her lucky bag. So far, Yodobashi was living up to expectations.

Next, Ikuna wanted to check out a somewhat mysterious device that she could not immediately identify: the Foreo Luna Play Plus. According to the instruction booklet it came with, it was an electric face-washing brush.

Intrigued, she pushed the device’s switch, and was surprised to find it began to buzz!

Apparently, the device vibrates 8,000 times per minute, which helps clean your skin more thoroughly of dirt and leftover makeup. Ikuna wasn’t sure how effective it would really be, but she was excited to give it a try!

In the box was also a Koizumi Minus Ion Reset Brush and an Oral-B Braun Electronic Toothbrush.

Funnily enough, Ikuna had been considering buying both of these products online before she got this box. One of the greatest joys in life is getting something you were thinking about buying for free (more or less), and Ikuna doesn’t often buy things for herself, so these were both happy finds. Plus, their presence in both the box and her mind gave credence to the idea that these are both desirable items, and Ikuna’s respect for Yodobashi increased even further.

The box of the Mysé Double Peeling Clear gave absolutely no hints about what was inside, so Ikuna eagerly tore the box open.

“Is this…Is it…?!”

It was that thing she’d been seeing in commercials all the time! The machine that cleans all the way down to your deepest pores!!!

Ikuna had been wanting to try it at least once, but she’d never thought there would be a day when she would actually have one in her possession. “I’m seriously so happy right now!! Thank you, Yodobashi!” she cried, as she clutched it to her chest.

The box also came with a Touch Beauty 2 in 1 Body and Face Wash Brush, which Ikuna was also excited to try…

And a pack of Keen Masks, which Ikuna hadn’t really desired, but was happy to accept now that she had them.

In the end, Yodobashi’s Otoshidama Box of Dreams: Beauty and Health Electronics Dream had seven great items: four items that Ikuna had actually been wanting, and three that she was happy to have even if she hadn’t really wanted them. With these new devices, she can face the new year striving for greater health and stunning beauty…all thanks to Yodobashi Camera.

Now she should get her hands on Kaldi’s wine lucky bag, and she can have a complete self-care day!

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