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Does this “Mother Milk” eau de toilette really smell like a newborn baby? We ask a baby

A sniff test reveals surprising results. 

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Medi Lift: the Japanese beauty product that promises facelift results without surgery

Will two weeks in this mask give our reporter cheekbones to die for? 

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We try squeezing our boss’ face until it gets smaller【Experiment】

Fun with germanium.

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Thailand’s Daiso is so different from Japan’s that they might as well be on different planets

One is a collection of oddly useful household goods while the other is a cosmetic paradise.

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Moisturizing gel from Japan markets itself as though a cat is cleaning you with its drool【Pictures】

Cat fanatics, this one’s fur you! This new all-in-one moisturizer is designed to look and feel like cat spit.
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KitKat Makeup: Korean cosmetics brand Etude causes a sensation with new chocolate beauty trend

It’s time to add KitKats to our beauty routine. 

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We tried out the portable sparkling head spa and now we can’t ever go back to normal hair washing again.

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We test out wax hair removal strips from the 100-yen store on our hairy, manly legs

Could it possibly be easier than using a razor? It’s time to grit our teeth and find out!

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Eight beauty products recommended by Japanese Twitter for a great “au natural” look

Japanese netizens recommend these products if you prefer a lighter make-up style.

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Seven Japanese beauty products recommended by Twitter that are perfect for lazy girls

Can’t be bothered to to spend hours in front of the mirror? These products are for you!

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Studio Ghibli Steam Cream body lotion is this winter’s must-have anime beauty product

Beautifully adorned tins featuring some of the studio’s beloved anime characters are being made for a limited time.

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Become a rocking cat with the Yoshikitty Narikiri Face Pack!

This is what happens when you combine Hello Kitty with one of Japan’s biggest rock stars!

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This new beauty “hack” from China might make you a bit squeamish…if it’s real

You’re going to look ridiculous, but that didn’t stop these ladies on the subway. But we wonder who gave them the idea…

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Keep your skin clear with a poop smear! We swear it’s not as crazy as it sounds

We’ve seen a lot about poop in the news recently. From poo curry to toilet museums to pooping on an airplane, you might think you’ve seen it all. But now we bring word of something you probably never expected: turd-infused facial soap.

Wait! We promise this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. In fact, the poop soap is based on a centuries-old beauty technique used in Japan. What’s exactly in it and why would anyone in their right mind want to use it? We’ll give you the straight poop after the jump!

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Fifty Shades of Grey parody makes stretch mark cream look sexier than ever 【Video】

What comes to a guy’s mind at the thought of summer? The sun, the beach, bikini-clad babes lying in the sun tanning on the beach…just to name a few. And what comes to a girl’s mind when she thinks of wearing bikinis to a beach in summer? Body hair, flabby arms and thighs, love handles, uneven tan lines…and don’t even get us started on stretch marks, those are the hardest to get rid of.

Some women may feel completely comfortable with their body and love every little scar and wrinkle on it, but a good many of them probably feel otherwise. Want to know an easy, sexy, and romantic way to say goodbye to those undesirable stretch marks? Check out this commercial that made stretch mark cream look sexy in a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey!

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The Kabuki Face Pack: Being beautiful is kind of gross…

Until last night, I had never used a face pack. In fact, aside from the fact that they go on your face, the only thing I knew about face packs is that many women use them because…skin. Or something.

But all that changed when I discovered my wife grinning at me and waving a white cardboard envelope around. “It’s time!” she told me. Pure panic hit me before I’d remembered I’d agreed to do…something. What was it? Oh, right, put on a kabuki face pack. “But first, let me get the camera,” she said…

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Creative Korean netizen’s cosmetic reviews really are too good to be true【Photos】

We previously introduced you to the daring and rather saucy reviews posted by Korean online shoppers, but it seems even customer reviews can’t be trusted every time. An ingenious netizen in Korea posts product reviews and photos of herself holding each item she’s providing feedback on, which in itself is nothing surprising, but there’s a twist. She doesn’t even own the product.

If you’re thinking that she’s just using one borrowed from a friend or perhaps getting handy with Photoshop, think again.

Here’s how she does it.

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Seven Japanese drugstore beauty products loved by women abroad

When it comes to product quality and innovation, Japanese makers are the cream of the crop, with exceptional achievements in the automobile and electronics sector. Apart from high-tech machinery, the Japanese also create beauty products of excellent quality and value, something that they’re rarely recognized for outside of Asia.

Beauty and fashion website, The Cut by New York magazine spills that makeup artists backstage at Fashion Week often use beauty tools and cosmetics from Japan. The Cut, together with Japanese makeup artist Maki Ryoke, shares seven Japanese drugstore beauty buys that even women in the West are in love with!

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