Now you can relax in comfortable loungewear while feeling like you’re in Alice’s Wonderland!!

If you’re looking for at-home clothes that you can relax in but still feel excited about, then Japanese lingerie maker Peach John‘s new Alice in Wonderland Collection may be what you need.

The limited edition loungewear collection, which will be released on June 22 as a tie-in with the much-anticipated movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (which won’t come out in Japan until July 1, incidentally — darn those Japanese film distribution companies again!), seems to mix fashion and comfort effectively with a good dose of the bright colors and elements of fantasy associated with the Alice in Wonderland stories.

Alice 1

The collection is inspired by the 1951 classic Disney animation that comes to mind when we think of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, including such iconic characters as the Queen of Hearts and, of course, Alice.

Alice 2

There are five items in the collection, some of which are available for both men and women. Let’s take a look:

1. The Tea Party Apron Dress Set (sizes S/M, M/L; 8,980 yen/US$86)

This is the classic Alice look that girls dream about!

Alice 3

Alice 4

2. Asymmetric Unisex Pajamas (sizes M, L; 7,980 yen)

You can now wear the pink Cheshire Cat stripes to bed!

Alice 6

3. The  One-piece Card Room Dress (sizes S/M, M/L; 8,980 yen)

This eye-catching shirt-dress will let you wear your heart(s) for all to see.

Alice 5

4. The Queen’s Dress (sizes S/M, M/L; 7,980 yen)

Wearing this outfit may make you want to shout, “Off with their heads!”

Alice 7

5. The Tweedledum and Tweedledee Room Shoes (one size; 2,980 yen)

These should keep your feet feeling cozy and looking cute!

Alice 8

The Alice in Wonderland Collection will be available on PEACH JOHN’s online shop starting from 10 a.m. on June 22 and also at their store locations across Japan as well. It seems, however, that the room shoes will be sold on a slightly different schedule; they will be available on-line from June 22 like the other products but will be sold at actual stores from a later as yet unspecified date.

We certainly think the items look like a fun and comfortable way to step into Wonderland, and, we promise, no one will try to chop your head off even if you’re wearing that Alice dress!

Source and images: PR Times press release