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If you like form-fitting, beautifully embroidered Chinese dresses, this could be the perfect treat for you and your partner!

Japanese lingerie retailer Peach John, who has given us such delightful creations in the past as Sailor Moon and Evangelion themed underwear and roomwear, has again come up with a sexy yet cute lingerie set that’s sure to set some hearts racing. It’s the “YM China Bra Set“, and not surprisingly, it’s already causing a stir on Japanese Twitter with its eye-catching, Chinese dress-inspired design.

The set includes a bra and matching bikini panty with a short skirt attached, all in a vibrant red color, and also comes with a lovely embroidered mini vest as well as a black lace fan as a prop to finish the look.



The bra and skirt/panty are made of tricot fabric that has a shiny look like satin and are both decorated with a gold flower print design.


The skirt has two strategically placed slits to make the getup … well, more alluring than it already is, we guess.


And here’s what the whole ensemble looks like. Yup, this should definitely make some lucky guys smile in delight!


Okay, we won’t deny this is tremendously sexy, but it’s also darn cute in a way that can really appeal to girls as well — so much so that some have even taken to sharing illustrations of their favorite characters wearing the lingerie set on Twitter!

▼ Who better to model Chinese dress-style lingerie than … girl Ranma, of course!


▼ Kagura from Gintama isn’t looking bad at all either in red-hot underwear!

▼ Here’s Samidare from Kantai Collection looking ridiculously cute in the outfit.


▼ And this one shows the divas from Macross looking stunningly sensual in the vivid red!

The lingerie set is available in Japan sizes B65 to D75 (roughly 30A to 34C in American size) for 4,580 yen (US$42.03) from Peach John’s online shop, although unfortunately, they currently ship only to locations in Japan.

So, if you’re looking for a little spice in your life, how about playing dress-up in some hot red lingerie to indulge in a bit of cosplay fun? Call it a hunch, but we have a strong feeling your significant other won’t be complaining after seeing seeing you in this outfit!

Source: ITmediaPeach John website
All images: Peach John website